When it comes to your company’s IT, the question around outsourcing is a critical one with a number of factors to consider, and arguments being made for both sides. Bundles typically include complete IT health monitoring, maintenance, helpdesk, and license management for servers, desktops, and networks. No question, having a single point of accountability for IT systems and infrastructure can be compelling for IT leaders seeking to streamline their services. But what impact can Managed IT Services really make, and is it enough to transform your business?

1. Elevate IT Service Levels

The day-to-day grind of implementing IT tactics combined with longer term projects and objectives can put a strain on in-house teams. More importantly, this focus on the tactics and simply keeping up with service levels detracts from mission-critical functions, such as driving business strategy. Enter IT-as-a-Service. The commoditization of IT has enabled many organizations to offload the frontline support that frees up their own IT teams to directly support the business. A true strategic technology partner essentially provides access to capabilities and skills that may be missing in the current team, enabling IT departments to make a bigger impact.


  • Proven Processes & Tools
  • Breadth of Experience & Certification
  • Improved User Productivity & Effectiveness
  • Controlled Infrastructure Risks
  • Compliance with Corporate Governance


2. Realize Financial Benefits

The cost of deploying an outside IT strategy is cited as one of the major objections. However, the day-to-day costs of running an IT organization can also quickly add up, especially when you consider systems downtime, resource shortages that may require overtime, or inefficiencies that occur when the skills and experience are lacking. Managed IT Services ensures:


  • Lower Overall Technology Costs
  • No Upfront Cash Outlay
  • Predictable Monthly Expenditures


3. Focus On the Core Business

According to Deloitte’s 2013 CIO Survey, 56% of IT priorities are focused on driving digital strategy. Having your IT needs taken care of for you can allow you to stay laser focused on where it’s needed most – meeting business objectives and positioning your organization for growth.


  • Reinforced Key Competencies
  • Eliminated Day-to-Day Distractions
  • Scalability


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