About Us

Our Story

Since 1979, DTM has brought together like-minded folks who are highly passionate in the arts, crafts and recreational opportunities found here in beautiful British Columbia.

It is with the same passion that our team delivers expertise to our clients in the ever-changing infrastructure technology landscape. By leveraging an outcome-based approach to solving unique infrastructure challenges, we provide our clients with highly valued solutions and industry leading perspectives.

Our Partners

Connecting you to the best technologies in the market

Our Commitment

We commit to building long-standing partnerships with our clients because we believe that our IT services and solutions should provide value over time. Our team commits to knowing you and understanding your business. We provide cutting-edge perspectives that will support you in the long run. That is the commitment from our leadership team to yours.

Who We Truly Are

Our vastly experienced and diverse team of technical subject matter experts collaborate to bring a wealth of knowledge on technology infrastructure solutions. Their collaboration ensures we have the know-how to help, and if we don’t have a specific skill in house, we apply our “know a guy” referral service to close any knowledge gaps.

We share in our client’s relevant concerns and are active in spotting potential challenges and opportunities as we aim to share in your success.

Our team brings an enthusiasm and excitement to our clients from the passion we have for technology. This passion drives collaboration for success with our clients and business partners to build strong, lasing relationships supported by the unmatched quality of our services.