It has been reported that the United States Navy pays Microsoft 9 Million Dollars a year to support part of their IT infrastructure that still uses Microsoft XP. Microsoft XP has been decommissioned by since April 2014 and is no longer supported internationally.

In a statement, the Navy said it has a plan in place to upgrade its systems to a newer version of Windows. It expects to complete its upgrades by July 12, 2016. Continued

Recent statistics reveal that a stunning 44% of Corporations still have some sort of XP component within their IT ecosystem. While it is not the coming of the four horsemen, it also represents a potential area of vulnerability that can cause business downtime which in turn could have dire consequences.For organisations like the US Navy, 9 million dollars sounds like a drop in the sea. But for many other businesses that do not have the backing of Uncle Sam’s piggy bank, an expensive plaster over the cracks solution simply is not viable. The importance of responsible, effective and future proof I.T. project planning becomes ever more critical.

With yesterday’s NYSE 3 hour downtime, it highlights the I.T. Security challenge faced by the worlds biggest organisations. In the new age of cyber-warfare and hacking, a determined party with some basic dark talents could cause an organisation numerous financial and in-recoverable reputation loss. Many never recover from such attacks. You are not allowed to operate a motor vehicle without insurance for a reason, businesses should be no different. Participate in our simple quiz and get a rough picture on your organisation’s technology footing.


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