Unified Storage: How does HP 3PAR StoreServ shape up against the Competition?

An excellent article from the Taneja Group regarding Unified Storage and comparing with facts the differences between the new HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400c versus the EMC VNX 5600.   The IT industry is in the middle of a massive transition toward simplification and efficiency around managing on-premise infrastructure at today’s enterprise data centers. In the past few years…

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Curing a Mid-life Crisis….. The HP 3PAR way

While every HP 3PAR array starts life as a well thought out and highly designed solution, occasionally there are events that throw these arrays into a midlife crisis.  These potentially life changing events typically involve storage capacity upgrades based on available resources without taking into account the effect on the overall array’s configuration, otherwise known…

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Consulting Crystal Ball for Future of Earth

Unleash the Beast: Monitoring and Forecasting the Virtual world

Virtualization is in every one of the customers I work with daily. Unfortunately a lot of them are simply “doing it wrong”. They have fantastic virtual infrastructures with the latest hypervisors and greatest features, high availability, distributed switches, dynamic resource scheduling, and the list goes on. However, they have no way of really efficiently investigating…

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