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In today’s dynamic world, the next obstacle to business continuity is always a challenge to predict. It could be flooding, a virus pandemic, or just the 2032 Olympics making it challenging if not impossible to get to work. So often businesses approach business continuity by looking at specific scenarios, such as what happens if the power goes out, or what happens if this rack explodes etc. This often leads to gaps in a true business continuity solution. While this is a topic that deserves its own article, I want to address something often overlooked – end user access

With many organizations looking at co-locations or cloud infrastructure to host disaster recovery or even primary datacenters, it is often overlooked how users will access this infrastructure. It does no good to have an entire organization worth of data, applications and services operating happily after a disaster if there is no way for users to access it in a meaningful way. This is why end user mobility solutions are critical to a good business continuity plan, or even a plan to move to cloud based infrastructure.

First and foremost requirement would be a potential VDI solution, as in virtual desktop infrastructure. VDI is no longer just a concept or potential future, it is here and many organizations have successfully virtualized their desktops. Not only does desktop virtualization provide a centralized easy to manage desktop solution, but it can securely and effectively extend resources in a datacenter across the country to users wherever they may be. Citrix is a leader in this space and DTM works tightly with them to deliver robust highly available VDI infrastructure that provides a user experience that is only second to a physical desktop.

VDI solutions can extend to virtually any device, whether it be android, iOS, Mac or Windows. This makes it a fantastic choice for true disaster planning as it can enable your workforce to continue to work with whatever is available, simply and securely. Don’t let your business continuity planning forget the last step, ensure there is a way for users to carry on working no matter what the scenario. Ensure your disaster planning has a solution for workforce mobility.

DTM Systems has the ability to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery planning is in place for your organisation, no matter what the scenario or challenge.To learn more about VDI check out the DTM’s article on how new advancements in high end graphics in the VDI space has enabled improved workflows and new possibilities. For more information, contact or email and visit our blog for more technology news and special event announcements.

Terry Rebstein

Terry Rebstein is the Professional Services Organization’s Practice Leader responsible for Infrastructure Virtualization, Converged Datacenter design, End user computing and VDI, application delivery, and thin client architecture. Terry holds certifications and advanced accreditations such as VMware’s Certified Advanced Professional – Data Center Design (VCAP-DCD). He has also achieved Citrix’s most senior and highly recognized certifications currently as a Citrix Certified Expert for Virtualizations (CCE-V), as well as Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA), and the Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer (CCEE).  He has a thorough understanding of virtualization and the large role it plays in modern computing as datacenters move to a converged software defined state. Terry’s combination of Virtualization and End user computing (EUC) expertise makes him an excellent resource for designing and implementing highly flexible and agile environments that deliver the value a business requires from its Information Technology. Terry has been the project lead for many multi‐faceted projects, with enterprises of all sizes from global corporations to smaller single site businesses. Terry has been working within IT for over 11 years and holds diplomas in both Business Applied Computing and Business Administration from Capilano College which provide a solid business based foundation on which his solutions are built.

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