Canadian Payroll Features in Dynamics GP

I mentioned in my previous post that the Canadian Payroll is now included with the support package for Dynamics GP 2013 and higher. The question then is will it allow you to run your payrolls with the same ease that you are used to?

Canadian Payroll is full-featured and allows you to control the timing and delivery of the payroll to your employees. It can be set to print cheques or deposit directly to the employees account so there is no change to the process flow. It will handle almost all payroll issues that you may be facing, as well as providing integrated transactions. It easily produces both T4’s and T4A’s as required and allows you to electronically file them with the CRA. This is all included with your enhancement fee for Dynamics GP so there is no additional software cost to deploy.

t4 for Dynamics GP

Canadian T4 Form

Imports are available from time card systems to reduce the data entry where appropriate and supports full integration from the project accounting modules in Dynamics GP.

Easy to use, it provides an efficient way of handling payroll whether it is weekly, biweekly, semimonthly or monthly. All statutory deductions are made and accruals for vacation, sick, and bank time can be tracked in both dollars and units as required.

The process flow is very similar to what you are already doing:

1. Add /edit employees
2. Create and enter time batches (Hourly)
3. Generate or add the standard employees (Salary)
4. Calculate the batch to add approved deductions and statutory deductions
5. Print the advices (encrypted email or paper copies)
6. Submit the file to the bank for direct deposit
7. Print the cheques if required
8. Post the records

Records of changes in salary and last raise dates are automatically tracked for better HR information.


Canadian Payroll for Dynamics GP

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