Cloud Natural Selection or Why you should start planning on your Cloud computing strategy

The time of looking at Cloud computing with a skeptical eye, or thinking of it as marketing trend is over.

In fact, Cloud is on every CIO mind according to many polls. There is a trend to observe from the non-technical decision makers: the CFO, CEO and even other members of organizations at all levels are pressuring their IT departments to involve Cloud offerings, support multiple devices and reduce costs using effective tools instead of reinventing the wheel on their own.

Cloud for start-ups

Quite frequently I am asked what IT I would consume if I was starting my own company today. Cloud computing offers flexibility and avoids a big investment upfront in IT infrastructure and it allows IT managers to become business productivity tool seekers rather than break and fix employees. Giving more meaningful roles to those who are up-to-date on the latest technologies will gain competitive advantage since IT professional are able to introduce and operate new innovative tools the moment they appear.

Tablets, smart phones and new devices made for the 24/7 work anywhere anytime office may not be desired but is expected more every day. The changes to our understanding of work-life balance are going to affect the way we communicate and access or share information. Again, presenting easier to consume offerings that will enable a young company to strike that balance.

Natural Selection

It is not in my nature to be dramatic however we are looking now at a real moment of natural selection between organizations. There are those that will compute in the Cloud: Private, Public or Hybrid, however they need it, and those that will go there too late. It may not be a matter of all or nothing, but a matter of leveraging the Cloud powerful offerings to make a business more efficient and profitable. It is clearly a conversation between all involved, the CTO, CIO, CFO, CEO and the new young employee asking for work tools that will make her or him more productive.

The Cloud is here, but you don’t have to go it alone. Contact us find out how we can help.

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