Gary Gunderson

Thirty years as an IT professional has earned Gary mastery in nearly every area: from Executive Leadership to IT architecture, Strategic Planning to Technical Product Specifications. His reputation for starting from nothing and creating truly extraordinary results has garnered applause everywhere from the kitchen to the boardroom. As Senior Technical Consultant, and Director of IT…

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Andrew Beck

Celebrating 20 years at DTM, Andrew has seen the business from both sides. Joining from a client site, his perspective on having been a client first was his springboard for optimizing a service-driven business. With a background as a UNIX administrator and a talent for knowing the time without looking at a clock, he understands…

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Paul Martin

Paul Martin’s career in technology started before most had heard of the personal computer. While working as a business analyst in 1977, Paul was offered a newly created position: Director of Computer Based Services. He accepted and became a pioneer in providing computer technology services in Canada. Paul places high value on innovation. His radical…

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