You made all of the best decisions in planning for improved infrastructure, and technology requirements to bring your business up to speed. So what could go wrong? Sometimes even the best laid plans in project management can minimize a key component – your people. Your project management approach needs to do more than simply making staff more comfortable with change.

Enter ADEPT transitions management. ADEPT is a project management methodology focused on technology adoption that encourages early frontline participation. DTM is excited to announce our in-house resources for incorporating the ADEPT methodology. ADEPT is prompting many technology leaders to ask themselves how adaptable their frontline really is to change, and to consider advantages that this unique approach could bring to the IT organization:


Greater Participation in Planning & Testing

By enhancing the early input and ongoing participation of involved frontline staff, this method of proactive change management encourages greater planning and testing participation, and has proven to lessen the impact on your bottom line through decreased project costs and increased staff productivity.

Involving the people affected by change in the planning process reduces anxiety about the unknown, and fosters a team-oriented and creative problem-solving culture across business lines within the project. Having your team connected – from the preparation to the execution stage of a technology transition – is a principle that has both practical and positive benefits in how change will impact your teams.


Visibility into New Opportunities

Aligned with ADEPT’s emphasis on early and meaningful inclusion of frontline users is the concept of training as a way to bridge the gaps. Users cannot leverage new opportunities that are not readily apparent. Introductory training not only highlights what’s new, it also drives users to think of other possibilities and to ask the right questions.


Increased User Effectiveness & Productivity

Direct training also demonstrates new elements and features in ways that address the needs and expectations of users. Additionally, placing training efforts on key users with critical roles can help to create widespread anticipation and acceptance for deployment, with or without corporate-wide training. Expect to produce measurable improvements in users’ effective utilization of new opportunities.

At DTM, we fully embrace the ADEPT methodology when it comes to the services we offer. Stay tuned for actionable insight and expertise on this approach from the DTM team.

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