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New Capabilities and Bigger Possibilities

Accelerate Design & Production Workflows: Bringing your ideas to market faster

Architectural Designers, World-Builders, VFX & Animation Artists as well as any High-End Graphic Users will be blown away by today’s new NVidia GRID Tesla Graphical Processing Units (GPUs). These server based graphics cards are transforming the way High-End Graphics Users are interacting with technology, powering some of the world’s highest performing supercomputers. Designers can now Work Anywhere, Use any Device, Collaborate without duplication and have better performance. Companies love this technology because it lowers cost, scales up and down as needed, simplifies IT management and because their end-users simply love it!

Virtualization: How it works

Virtualization means your software applications run on a server, whether it is in the cloud or on a local server – not on your desktop as you might be used to. Virtualization experts already knew Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) was ideal for task workers – word processing, spreadsheets, accounting, e-mails and your typical office applications. In the past desktop virtualization from Citrix and VMware could be used for up to 70% of a company’s user base before coming up against the wall of high performance users manipulating complex 2D and 3D content. Now with NVidia GRID technology being adopted for these high-end applications we are seeing whole office environments shifting to the benefits of VDI.

the future of VDI

Pushing Boundaries with Virtualization

A Walk-Through with Terry Rebstein

Work Anywhere

NVidia GRID technology transforms the workplace for Graphics Users, allowing employees to work remotely while maintaining quality, productivity and creativity. Remote users still have all their usual computing power and more as well as access to all their software applications.

“Graphic artists and editors can work as if they were using a physical workstation, the new cloud machines perform up to 3-4 times faster than normal desk-based computers performing like-for-like tasks as well as achieving 25-30 frames per second,” ( Read Case Study from Nvidia )

As well, increased productivity in today’s tight production deadline environments means companies are able to be more competitive to win more projects.

Virtual Collaboration

In today’s work place the teams assigned to projects are not always nearby. It is not uncommon to have a project being driven out of Vancouver and having other Graphic Designers in Toronto, Los Angeles, Seattle or London.
The challenges of this scenario can now be overcome with NVidia GRID technology by enabling teams to be able to work on the same file without the need to transfer data. They simply login using any type of device, such as a laptop, tablet or even their cell phone, from anywhere in the world and work collaboratively around the clock in a follow-the-sun operation.
One thing we’ve seen in particular in these follow-the-sun operations where teams work on the same dataset is that it becomes too challenging to move said dataset. It’s better to centralize and allow everyone to remote in. This also prevents intellectual property from leaking out onto contractor/employee laptops as it can all be secured to a tightly controlled sandbox. Ultimately, it also ensures everyone is using the current version and not working off different models.

Deadlines: Scale Up or Down with Production Demand

Imagine you have won a new contract, or have a short term need for third party designers to get a job done on schedule. These various designers need access to your firm’s applications and data. During these peak demand periods temporary access to applications needs to be supported and then when workflows return to normal resources can be scaled back.

Virtualize Any Application

Now with GPU acceleration you can virtualize any application.
Architectural firms and manufacturing operations can virtualize their applications like AutoCAD, Adobe CS, Solidworks and Revit with the same rich experience as if they were installed locally.
VFX, Game and Animation Studios can have follow-the-sun operations with large datasets stored locally and use their applications like Photoshop, Softimage, Maya, Shake, After Effects, Premier, Final Cut & Nuke across all their locations.

Empower your workforce and work more efficiently

The possibilities are limitless. Find out more by registering for DTM’s VDI event on the 19th of November 2015 at One Under Golf Lounge in downtown Vancouver. We will have an interactive demonstration with representatives from Nvidia and DTM. Drinks and appetizers will be provided. There will also be simple golf games with prizes for the winners.

DTM also offers Professional I.T. Services and has a variety of Managed Services products suitable for organizations of all shapes and sizes. For more information email or simple fill up a contact form located on our website.

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