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The IT world continues to evolve and the demand for services is only increasing.


As the Global Workforce and Generation Mobile continue to flood the workplace, organizations are being forced to deploy solutions that they never had to consider 5 years ago. Throw in the complexity of security and the appetite for solutions that are secure and flexible enough to allow people to work from anywhere at anytime has skyrocketed.


Thus, the demand for virtualization tools, such as Citrix, is growing in BC businesses. However, the lack of resources and expertise has made it difficult on organizations to find the support they need to fully realize the benefits of their deployments. It’s resulted in 3 types of scenarios for BC companies:

  1. A Citrix environment exists and an IT resource that is responsible for the environment but is not likely certified to maintain it properly or has been tasked with other IT priorities.
  2. There was a deployment of a Citrix environment years ago and have just left it “as is” because there is no expertise to fix it, upgrade it, or a fear of if it is touched it will no longer work.
  3. There is a desire for an environment but no resources to maintain it, therefore, no action has been chosen.


Because of these scenarios Managed Services has evolved into the Professional Services world and has created an unconventional approach to consulting services that will allow your organization to glean the maximum return from their investment.

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DTM’s Citrix Program Services offer includes:

  1. Infrastructure Monitoring
  2. Infrastructure Management
  3. Infrastructure Stabilization


Infrastructure Monitoring: Monitoring is vital in maintaining a healthy and reliable Citrix environment.


Infrastructure Management: DTM’s Managed Services team has Citrix specific monitoring practices in place to optimize system uptime and proactively make sure patches and upgrades are handled promptly and smoothly.


Infrastructure Stabilization: Through consistent engagements with DTM’s accredited Citrix Certified Expert in Virtualization (CCE-V), DTM can bring your Citrix environment to a steady state without disruption. In addition, we provide a service desk to manage, track and address stabilization items.


In other words, leveraging DTM’s Citrix Program Services provides your organization with the following benefits:

  • Optimized end user experience for workforce productivity and satisfaction
  • Deliver maximized benefit from Citrix solution investments
  • Systems reliability through proactive Citrix maintenance
  • Extend your IT team with targeted Citrix skills and expertise
  • Provide a Citrix Certified Engineer for road map and feature planning quarterly with your decision team
  • Citrix incident management and quarterly incident review


To find out more about DTM Systems and our Citrix Program Services offering contact us at or call 604-257-6700


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