Tim Green talks about the Upcoming HPE Roadshow 2016 and DTM’s April Openhouse.

With over 30 years of experience working with customers in Western Canada, DTM Systems specializes in providing meticulous and practical I.T. solutions for businesses of all sizes and industry. DTM is the only I.T. Service provider in the Lower Mainland that provides expertise in mission critical data, ERP deliverables, consulting, managed services and project management. DTM Systems also has numerous well established relationships with vendors such as HP, Microsoft and Citrix. This enables us to pass on numerous benefits to our clients and also provides us with insights into the future, helping us to keep our customers on top of the technology game.

For more information on HP Enterprise Roadshow 2016 or DTM’s April Openhouse contact info@dtm.ca or call 604-257-6700.

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