Hyperconverged IT Infrastructure – Keep it simple and spend more time and budget on IT initiatives that add value to your business.


Traditionally businesses would buy hardware (servers, storage, and networking) and run all this hardware together using software called a hypervisor. Historically, this three-tier IT infrastructure was the best design, offering simplicity in administration and high availability for your business applications. IT administrators could sleep at night knowing they could keep the ‘lights on”.

Inaugural Hyperconverged Infrastructure Magic Quadrant 2018

Like so many technologies HCI has taken its time to mature. The Inaugural Hyperconverged Infrastructure Magic Quadrant was released this year (2018), listing 12 vendors. Although these vendors have been around for some time, many of them 5+ years, this is the first time the HCI solution has been recognized as a legitimate technology category within Gartner. Even though, ‘new’, in the next 2 years this category is set to take 20% or more of the three-tier design market share. (https://www.crn.com/slide-shows/virtualization/300099106/heres-who-made-gartners-2018-magic-quadrant-for-hyper-converged-infrastructure.htm) 

Hyperconverged Benefits – Simplicity and Ease of Use

HCI technology vendors have been wooing customers with the concept that instead of buying multiple pieces of hardware from many different vendors, you go to one vendor and buy an integrated solution. The simple, yet persuasive idea is that businesses would save money and simplify their IT environments. Not only would you save in initial upfront hardware costs but more importantly you would save money on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). For example, your IT department is trying to solve an incident and calls your server vendor only to be told to call the storage vendor, who then tells them to call the software vendor because this is definitely not a storage-related issue. Luckily, the software vendor identifies the problem, but says it is hardware related and you should really be talking to your server manufacturer! 

With an HCI vendor, you pick up the phone and make one call to the vendor for your hyperconverged solution and they resolve your incident. “One throat to choke!”, as they say. Not only is support simplified, but the whole ease of use is simplified as HCI solutions are designed from the ground up to be easy to use and manage.

Total Cost of Ownership

How an organization defines its Total Cost of Ownership is more important than you may realize. TCO is often overlooked, unbudgeted and inaccurate when evaluating IT spending. The cost of the hardware when implementing a new technological solution can represent as little as 20% of the total TCO, with other costs such as; technical support, IT labor costs, and maintenance making up 80%.

Save Money & Time

Controlling these ongoing costs should be the priority when deciding about refreshing your data center. Evaluating HCI as part of any IT infrastructure refresh budget could save your organization enormous amounts of money & time and free up your staff to spend more time on initiatives that will help drive your organization forward.

Designed to combine – Infrastructure Savings

DTM has helped customers save over 65% in upfront costs when compared to a 3-tier solution while maintaining high availability and increasing performance. Traditional data center solutions often take up a half-rack or even a full rack of equipment – servers, a storage array, and networking. Alternatively, HCI solutions can be just 2 to 3 rack units which provides even further savings in the form of power and cooling costs.

Maintenance costs – Save on Licensing and Warranty

With less gear to maintain and support, warranty renewal costs will decrease. DTM has been able to save customers on software costs as well by providing hypervisor solutions that are included with the HCI technology. These combined savings result in significant ongoing cost reductions. Depending on circumstances organizations can save thousands in software and warranty renewals every year.

Advancements are Deleting Backup and Storage budgets

HCI technology now makes sense for many different IT needs. With the integration of data protection technologies, such as; backup, replication, snapshots and deduplication into the HCI platform, IT Admins and Executives can look to eliminate whole line items in their IT budgets. Some DTM customers have been able to reduce their backup budgets to such an extent that the costs of the new HCI infrastructure were nearly covered.

DTM – The Expertise you Expect

DTM has been involved with hyperconverged strategies since 2009 and maintains expertise in all areas of this evolving service delivery platform. We provide our clients with HCI expertise to migrate their workloads, manage storage, design backup and disaster recovery solutions, as well as design off-premise data center and hybrid data center solutions. We partner with HPE, Scale, Microsoft Azure, and Terago for solutions designed to meet our client’s needs.

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