The cyber threat landscape is continuing to evolve at a rapid and complex rate. Many of the threats are very well co-ordinated, allowing cyber criminals to outpace the ability of many organisation’s internal security safe guards.

The average business in BC is not able to keep up or even fully understand where they stand as a target or can pinpoint their weaknesses because many security solutions are point solutions and do not work together in protecting your organisation.

DTM Systems has taken security on as a primary focus for our clients and has developed a full Managed Security Practice that enables organisations to deploy a Synchronised Security approach that leverages solutions that not only work together but combines it with education and testing to your staff.

DTM’s Full Managed Security Offering includes:

  • Staff Testing (phishing campaigns, USB drops, etc)
  • Online Education Courses
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM) deployment
  • Synchronized Security across multiple platforms (Firewall, Web, Wireless, Email, Endpoint, Encryption, Mobile and Server)
  • Ransomware – prevention, detection and remediation
  • Central Management Console
  • DTM Managed Services

If Security is a discussion with your organisation, then contact DTM Systems to learn more about how we are helping organisations combat cyber threats and synchronise your security without breaking the bank.


3d27821  Tyler Cairns has been a business professional in the technology world for 15 years.  Through the years he has had a wide range of experiences that include working with the world’s largest retailers, government organizations of all sizes, non-profit organizations, education institutions and local small to medium-sized businesses. Tyler’s desire to have his customers plan for failures to help solidify their success, has resulted in his clients being able to address their business needs ranging from the basic levels of infrastructure to the complexities brought forth by cloud or adopting “as a service” solutions and everything in between.

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