With the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, we are looking forward to the many changes. For a more in depth look at all the changes be sure to check out Microsoft’s release preview guide.



Here are 6 improvements we would like to highlight.

  • Enhanced Business Processes. Now the Business process support branching logic. This gives you great flexibility to branch into different processes based on conditions in the sales process.

CRM process

  • Search across the CRM ecosystem. You can now search in Dynamics CRM 2015 across different record types or configure specific fields on your preferred entities. Just enter your search criteria in the search bar and then watch CRM find all types of records with the criteria.

CRM 2015 -search

  • Outlook Sync Enhancements. Even more phone and address fields are available for field level syncing. Also now when users can add information to a contact note and prevent it from being shared with CRM. The system will indicate which fields sync.

Microsoft Dynamics crm-outlook

  • Hierarchy. Now all your relationships in CRM can be visualized. See how records relate to each other even by custom rollup fields.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM hierarchy

  • Sales Product Enhancements. Now in CRM you can suggest products related to other products for upsell and cross sell opportunities. Setup product Bundles, hierarchies and product relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM product

With all of these enhancements and more, contact us about how we can assist your organization with a Dynamics CRM implementation.

For full list of features refer to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 customer center.


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