O365 is born for the masses but there is a strong push to have every Enterprise Agreement (EA) including the bridge CAL or O365 subscriptions to enable the use of Microsoft Cloud in the Enterprise level clients.

Things that should be offered:

A clear VLK and MAK allowed deployment practices. So customers using SCCM or any other management and operations tool can push software instead of using O365 methods. Extending the SMB O365 subscriptions to include on premise CAL use rights. Allowing those EAs on the 250 to 300 device count or user count range to benefit from a lower O365 cost starting point.

EAs could totally transform to subscription, however after decades of investment allowing clients to own the licenses instead of making a decision to use a subscription that ends services if discontinued. It will be nice for long-term Microsoft Enterprise clients to see this in the T&Cs. And maybe the last wish: to have an O365 option that includes windows server CALs.

There is a still a long way to go for O365 to be positioned in the Enterprise, not only “sold” to the Enterprise, but “used” and consumed, and more flexible licensing and deployment practices will help.

By Josef Lara


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