On the 6th of June 1944, Canadian and Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy beginning the largest ever seaborne Invasion to liberate occupied Europe from the Nazis. Without question the amount of planning that went into the plans must have gone into the most minute details and nothing left to chance. The scale of such a project is mind boggling and the stakes were ever so high. The context is no different for businesses today. We all fight battles with different tools, but to us the stakes equally as high. Generals worth their salt do not go into battle without proper planning, serious businesses do not either.

In the following article, Moira Alexander writing for CIO Magazine, goes through some of the problems that can result from poor project planning. Part of what we do at DTM is to do a rigorous pre planning phase that ensures scalability accordingly to your business and to prevent any issues that might cause project failure. Take advantage of our non committal baseline assessment and learn how DTM can give you an edge over your competitors.

How does poor project planning produce potential problems?

Lack of strategic alignment: In “How to align projects management with your business strategy,” I outlined the benefits and risks associated with project management and the need to consider an enterprise project management office (EPMO) to ensure projects are consistently aligned with business objectives. Read More

3d27821  Tyler Cairns has been a business professional in the technology world for 15 years.  Through the years he has had a wide range of experiences that include working with the world’s largest retailers, government organizations of all sizes, non-profit organizations, education institutions and local small to medium-sized businesses. Tyler’s desire to have his customers plan for failures to help solidify their success, has resulted in his clients being able to address their business needs ranging from the basic levels of infrastructure to the complexities brought forth by cloud or adopting “as a service” solutions and everything in between.

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