Do you have an “outlook” on your social media or can you quickly run effective Social Media campaigns?

Social Media is gaining momentum and more businesses are using it to market themselves to a broader audience. In a small business, it may mean the difference between being found on a search engine or not. For large corporations it is about brand recognition as well. Truly, Social Media has become more than just awareness, it has become another way we communicate, research and rely on information to make decisions.

We are changing habits. We are more public with our ideas and we rely more on popular reviews to make decisions. As Social Media evolves into being an essential part of our working lives, I have observed two solutions that are part of what in my opinion every business owner, or in the case of Enterprise, every CIO should have in their toolkit.


Probably Hootsuite does not need introduction. In simple words, I refer to HootSuite as the “Outlook” you need for all your social media activities, not only to effectively send messages across your media, but also to control your brand interaction, employee use of social media and effectively transform a tweet into a business opportunity. In a way I think of Hootsuite the way Microsoft presented Outlook into the market… finally a place to see all your communications (social in this case) and effectively control and send your own. New development of KPIs information brings a great depth of understanding where is your brand in the online world.


What amazes me from 3tierlogoic is that is has the ability to give any business the great opportunity to use Social Media for localized marketing campaigns with the ability to know about customers, and what is “really” popular. If you can transform your best customers into your best advocates, you have an incredible opportunity to grow your business. 3tierlogic is bringing world-class marketing, and brand programs into every business with their platform. As the company evolves the offerings, the value of its data is truly a great example of what Business Intelligence is all about.

As I said… time to rethink IT services, adding the relevant tools for today’s technology needs.

By Josef Lara


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