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Virtualization is in every one of the customers I work with daily. Unfortunately a lot of them are simply “doing it wrong”. They have fantastic virtual infrastructures with the latest hypervisors and greatest features, high availability, distributed switches, dynamic resource scheduling, and the list goes on. However, they have no way of really efficiently investigating  potential bottlenecks or performance challenges. Sure if they spend a couple weeks they may figure it out, or worse they throw either virtual or physical resources at it, or even both! There must be a better way!?


There is! vRealize Operations (formerly vCenter Operations Manager) provides a simple, easy to use single pane of glass for getting visibility to how well (or not) your virtual infrastructure is performing. It can analyze and aggregate metrics based on storage, CPU, memory and network usage to provide at a glance health and issue reporting.


The health reporting is just one small aspect. Although dynamic thresholds are pretty cool, it’s the predictive forecasting and resource usage analysis that really does it for me. vRealize Operations can provide reports that indicate the amount of wasted resources in your virtual environment. Imagine that for a minute, instead of purchasing another blade or server, or purchasing another tray of disks for your SAN you can instead “right-size” your infrastructure and reclaim that waste. This is where the value and return on your investment really comes to shine. People often fail to realize that not only do over-provisioned VMs waste resources, but they can actually introduce overhead that hurts production machines.



Vcops Dashboard

vRealize Operations can also indicate how long until a specific resource will likely run out. For example, how fantastic would it be to know you need to purchase additional RAM in 8 months based on your consumption. This is the type of valuable data provided in this tool. It’s like having a psychic on staff!


The best part of this is that you can evaluate and test this in your environment for free. DTM has a service where we will deploy and configure vRealize as well as conduct an analysis and report to get you started. If you see what you like (which I am sure you will) then you can simply apply a license and carry on being the omniscient virtual wizard you were always destined to be.


Terry Rebstein

Terry Rebstein is the Professional Services Organization’s Practice Leader responsible for Infrastructure Virtualization, Converged Datacenter design, End user computing and VDI, application delivery, and thin client architecture. Terry holds certifications and advanced accreditations such as VMware’s Certified Advanced Professional – Data Center Design (VCAP-DCD). He has also achieved Citrix’s most senior and highly recognized certifications currently as a Citrix Certified Expert for Virtualizations (CCE-V), as well as Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA), and the Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer (CCEE).  He has a thorough understanding of virtualization and the large role it plays in modern computing as datacenters move to a converged software defined state. Terry’s combination of Virtualization and End user computing (EUC) expertise makes him an excellent resource for designing and implementing highly flexible and agile environments that deliver the value a business requires from its Information Technology. Terry has been the project lead for many multi‐faceted projects, with enterprises of all sizes from global corporations to smaller single site businesses. Terry has been working within IT for over 11 years and holds diplomas in both Business Applied Computing and Business Administration from Capilano College which provide a solid business based foundation on which his solutions are built.

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