When I started my career in technology, I had a senior VP that would regularly say, “We can do anything as long as the customer has unlimited time, money and resources.”

That comment has followed me through my career more than most. It could be because it applies to any industry, any service or any solution in both business and in life, or it could be because I have started to use it myself as a regular comment to level set expectations with my customers.

The business challenges faced by organizations today all pull on these three components and it is no secret that these components are the core reasons for the growth of the IT Services industry. It’s a broad conversation but here are some of the most common areas that I have seen organizations benefit from IT Service Providers first hand.

Time to be Safe

Everyone wants more time and is there a more over used buzz phrase out there today then, “we need to be able to do more with less.” This is a primary driver for all sizes of organizations to adopt a Managed Services provider. The key benefit out of the gate, regardless of the long term vision, is simple, the more time your internal IT staff, or leadership team, can be focused on strategic or key strategic initiatives that move the business forward the better.

If you allow an IT Services provider to handle the remedial day to day tasks that currently take your resources focus off their primary initiatives. The end users will get quicker response times because they are no longer pulling someone away from their primary focus or current project. This will result in an increase in efficiency across multiple users.

In our era of younger users being engrossed in technology, we are being groomed to believe that IT is simple. The reality we face as a result is that we are confusing the simplicity of the user experience with the complexity of what is required to get to that end user simplicity.

Quality IT Service providers and IT Consultants know that the business drivers are generally geared towards an end user state and that experience needs to be simple. The problem is that the end state needs to be planned for properly or the project fails. The resources needed to do this type of project properly require certifications that enable them to be subject matter experts, something that takes time and money to gain.

Here is the “reality check” to decision makers, most companies do not have these resources internally. Google searches and troubleshooting issues through blogs, forums, etc is time consuming, generic and not specific to your business needs or goals. It saves organizations time and money when they make sure the proper resources are in place to assist with any project, regardless of whether they are internal or external.

Which cable was it again?

Time to be Safe

Finally, there is money, the one resource most commonly used as an excuse as to why a project cannot be done.

Reality on this front is that there is always money available in your organization when the project you are reviewing is going to improve your organization and meet a key business initiative. If the project doesn’t address those two very simple criteria, then why would a company spend money on it?

IT has become a commodity when it comes to hardware and if a company is looking to save money on procurement, then an IT Services Provider is more likely a better option to use than sourcing the hardware through internet searches or working with vendors directly.

How come? IT Services providers have buying power, partner relationships and additional insight into promotions that are not shared with the general population. Plus, they have additional pull with vendors if something goes awry, thus reducing your internal resources lost time and efforts on attempting to remediate an issue.

Besides the commodity purchase benefits, a good IT Services provider want to be engaged before a project is started. It is proven that when they are included in the assessment, discovery, evaluation, planning and transition phases, which will create a design that is specific to your business, the results are a higher level of project success, less projects having scope creep that results in unexpected delays and are more accurate in your overall project costs.

Regardless of your organizations size and needs, there is a high probability that an IT Services provider can help your company and are worth the engagement. Remember, the best IT providers in the market, that respects your business as much as their own, will actually recommend not doing business with you on a project if that is the right decision for your organization.

IT only becomes a commodity to your organization once you have reached a point where month after month IT is a predictable expense. If your organization is not sure if it is in a “ready state” to adopt such a commodity style of IT, reach out to DTM for a Free Assessment.

Another common quote from that same senior VP was one he borrowed from Red Adair, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

3d27821  Tyler Cairns has been a business professional in the technology world for 15 years.  Through the years he has had a wide range of experiences that include working with the world’s largest retailers, government organizations of all sizes, non-profit organizations, education institutions and local small to medium-sized businesses. Tyler’s desire to have his customers plan for failures to help solidify their success, has resulted in his clients being able to address their business needs ranging from the basic levels of infrastructure to the complexities brought forth by cloud or adopting “as a service” solutions and everything in between.

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