Why You Should Use DTM Managed Security Services


Ransomware, Malware, and Cyber Threats have become part of the everyday vernacular around the world. With the latest global ransomware attack, WannaCry, infected more than 400,000 machines worldwide, it has become clear that the end-users on mass are not ready for the socially engineered user-focused attacks of today.

DTM Managed Security Services is made up of 10 key components designed to protect your organization against unseen threats and user error, plus provide user education. 

First, you need basic protection against the threats of today.

Firewall Protection – Block advanced threats before they get into your network with software that automatically identifies and isolates compromised entities, preventing data loss and infection.

Endpoint Protection – Start your protection at your weakest point, your end-user devices. Identify and block malware at the endpoint, including advanced, zero-day threats and ransomware, preventing infection. This protection level also includes an automated clean-up of the endpoint once an attack has been blocked.

Server Protection – Data is only growing and the value of this data to your organization is also increasing. This basic protection is designed to identify and block malware – including ransomware – at the server level, preventing further infection throughout your infrastructure.

Second, you now need to protect the areas once considered “Nice to Have.”

Email Protection – Many people believe that your email is protected already, however email remains one of the primary vehicles for cyber attacks. DTM’s Managed Security deploys email protection designed to prevent compromised endpoints from sending or receiving mail, limiting the impact of any security incident.

Mobile Protection – Mobile devices are connecting into your environment constantly and wireless is a standard your employees, clients, and guests expect – it’s also a key risk to corporate security. This protection identifies “unhealthy” devices and pushes them to a restricted access/quarantined Wi-Fi network, restricting access and protecting your corporate network.

Web Protection – One of the keys to understanding how to stop ransomware is knowing when the malware is attempting to speak to the origins of the attack. This is done through web traffic leaving your network and flowing back to the cybercriminals. Web protection is the synchronization of the gateway and endpoint agent to reduce backhauling of web traffic. In laymen’s terms, it stops the communication back to the cybercriminals.

Third, our solution deploys the more advanced security protocols not traditionally available to small or medium-sized businesses because of cost or resource availability.

Encryption – Whether it’s the intellectual properties key to your business, storage of customer data, or sharing confidential patient information across medical organizations, encrypting data is one of the best lines of defense against cybercrime. By deploying this functionality, your data is automatically encrypted and revokes encryption keys on infected machines that are compromised by malware. Result: your data is safe.

Centralised Management – Companies used to require a Chief Security Officer or a team of security specialists to manage their security and threats. This is no longer the case. DTM has a team managing all the components of your synchronized security solution, allowing a single view of your entire operation in one centralized management tool, allowing for ease of identification, quick remediation, and proactive detection of threats.

User Testing and Education – And finally, the area that gets left out of most security solutions because of budgetary reasons: the “it won’t happen to me” mindset (and many other excuses). Testing and education are critical in building your “human firewall”. Our solution includes phishing tests, designed to test your end user’s susceptibility to malware in a controlled manner, to help identify your organization’s susceptibility to an attack. Once completed we then offer online education courses to assist your staff with the knowledge of what is out there and how to identify a threat.

To find out more about DTM Systems and our Managed Security offerings contact us at Info@dtm.ca or call 604-2576700.

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